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凯达彩妆的化妆品系列包括了粉底, 唇膏和眼影等等。“KATA”的马来语译为“表达”。 我们一直相信着好的产品本身就能传达其价值,而且我们也是客户永远值得信赖的品牌。



YKL MULTI SDN. BHD. is a Malaysian owned manufacturing company with 10 years’ experience in cosmetics, skin care and toiletries industry. Currently we are based in Penang, a State that is located at the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia which officially listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Since 2007, from R&D to manufacturing, we have been actively developing ways to deliver finest, healthy beauty to our customers. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our products and services, we have achieved Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification in December 2016, certified by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA). Today, we are not only an experienced cosmetics contract manufacturer (OEM), but also the brand owner of FINEWCARE and KATA COSMETICS.

At FINEWCARE, we care about our customers’ skin the most! Our brand offers skin care and toiletries products ranging from hair care to skin care and body care.

Meanwhile KATA COSMETICS supplies makeup products including foundation, lipstick, eye shadow and other colour cosmetic products. The word “KATA” means “speak” in the Malay language. We always believe that a good product speaks for itself and our customers can rely on us for high quality products.

In our first generation products of FINEWCARE and KATA COSMETICS, we use natural extracts from Hibiscus species as part of the ingredients for its powerful anti-oxidant properties. In fact, the Hibiscus well dubbed the “Queen of Tropical Flowers”, proudly as Malaysia’s national Flower. We hope that our products can demonstrate Malaysian national identity while our shine bright in international market.

We highly value our customers’ love and confidence in our products. This is why we pledge to be continuously creative and innovative to deliver products that are high quality and affordable to our customers.